How It Works

Online Deals:
Click on Online deals and select your Merchant for shopping. Here you will see, we have discount coupons and direct discounted deals for various Brands.

For Get Coupons:
  • Click on “Get Coupons” button and you will redirect to Merchant’s website in a new Tab.
  • Select your product on merchant website and go Upto Payment.
  • Here On Merchant site it will ask you, if you have any Promo Code, for Promo Code Come back to in the other tab which is already opened and copy the Code from here and apply at promo code on Merchant site.
  • Upon applying the Coupon code, you will see that your amount is reduced by some discount, now you pay for the product and get your product at lesser prices. So Simple…
  • Happy Savings :) :) :) :) :)

For Get Deals:
  • Click on “Get Deals” button and you will redirect to Merchant’s website in a new Tab.
  • The discount is automatically added as per terms and conditions of the deal.
  • Select your product on merchant website and do your payment. So Simple…
  • Happy Savings.

Offline Deals:
Click on Offline deals and select your favorite Restra or Spa or Travel etc.
  • To download the coupon, click on your favorite retailer ( Example any Spa).
  • You will redirected to particular page of that retailer.
  • Enter your 10 digit Mobile No. in a table showing on page.
  • You will receive the 4-5 digit of OTA code for verification of your mobile.
  • Enter this verification code in a table to download the coupon.
  • Click submit, you will receive another message which includes your free Coupon code, discount, Retailer Address, Expiry of code etc.
  • Visit the store and show this message to him and get your discount absolutely free.
  • So simple and happy saving.

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